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My favorite week of the year-Shark Week! I celebrated by baking these shark fin cupcakes for work.


 photo shak3_zps359398f3.jpg

We are slowly making our way through each room of our new house. This is a bookshelf in our spare room (well, let’s face it it’s actually become my second closet).


 photo shak4_zps5084b760.jpg

We’ve been dog sitting this past week. I have to say it’s been really fun having a dog in the house!


 photo shak5_zps6f31612b.jpg

And finally, I found the perfect succulents recently. I wasn’t sure what kind of pot I wanted to put them in and then I came across these little bowls at Crate and Barrel that ended up being the perfect size and shade of yellow for our kitchen.

Have a great weekend everyone!

X Ashley


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  1. Ooh photos of your house! I spy a cute photo of us 🙂
    Miss you!
    ❤ Kastles

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