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DIY Beaded Necklace

 photo beads4_zps9e9b718b.jpg

 photo beads1_zpsb6e5e091.jpg

I had been wanting to try to create my own version of a fun beaded necklace ever since I saw one on Joy from Oh Joy. This project was incredibly simple and the options for colors and beads are endless.

You’ll need:

Wooden beads of various sizes and shapes (I got mine at Michaels)

Craft Paint (check out the dollar store!)

Your choice of cord


Choose three to five beads and paint them with the craft paint in your choice of colors. Once dry, string them on the cord in your desired length and enjoy your cute new necklace!

Some tips:

-You can use nail polish to paint the beads but I found that I had to use two to three coats compared to one coat with the paint

-Don’t leave your beads to dry on any type of paper or the paint will stick

-You can also purchase some great lacquered and turquoise beads from Michael’s to mix in with your painted beads

 photo beads2_zps1f6168b0.jpg


2 responses »

  1. You are too cute! love this!
    ❤ Kastles

  2. Fun! I’ll definitely have to try this 🙂


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