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My Favourite Holiday.

 photo halloween2_zps80b83ded.jpg

 photo halloween3_zps81287aed.jpg

As long as I can remember, Halloween has been my favourite holiday. I love dressing up, pumpkins, decorating, and of course horror movies. I got together with my favourite girls Kassandra from Kastles and Vickie from Adventures in Fashion to throw a little pumpkin painting party. We had so much fun and I have to say I love the results! Hope you have a scare (and pumpkin!) filled Halloween!


 photo halloween7_zps01fa6685.jpg

 photo halloween8_zpseb39117a.jpg

 photo halloween6_zpsee240a62.jpg

 photo halloween9_zps69d0316c.jpg

 photo halloween10_zps14801be7.jpg

 photo halloween5_zpsffa4e465.jpg


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  1. I luv ur Halloween section. Looks like u guys had a blast painting the pumpkins.

  2. This looks like a ridiculously good time! All of these photos belong on Pinterest…. pinned a million times over.

    x The Pretty Secrets


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