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Fountain Hills Festival

 photo fountainhills1_zps4b912129.jpg

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I spent last week at the Fountain Hills Festival in Fountain Hills, Arizona. My good friend Jade and her Mom Angie are the artists behind the amazing glass art jewelry line, Bitchin Beads.  They hand make each and every bead and their pieces are classic and one of a kind. Kassandra and I went down to Arizona to help them out with the Fountain Hills Festival and we had so much fun. Gorgeous weather, beautiful jewelry and great friends, we had the best time!

 photo fountainhills8_zps61dbccf3.jpg

 photo fountainhills5_zpsc917678e.jpg

 photo fountainhills2_zps909ee532.jpg

 photo fountainhills6_zps74cd5d6a.jpg

 photo fountainhills7_zps49e04e39.jpg


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  1. I am so jealous of the warm weather where you are! It’s winter here in Minneapolis! I always wonder if you guys (bloggers who live in southern states) miss the winter outfit posts?


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