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Mason Jar Snowglobe


 photo mason1_zps26a199c4.jpg

This DIY might go down in history as the easiest I’ve ever done! These adorable little snow globes make great gifts or great décor and they are ridiculously simple to make. Even better, you can do it on the cheap! What you’ll need:


Mason Jars

Fake snow (I got mine at Target)

Hot Glue Gun

Small Christmas trees or ornaments (Check out the dollar store!)


1. Hot glue the jar lid together so it’s stable

2. Glue your ornament to the inside of the lid

3. Put a small amount of snow in the jar (Less is more here as you want to be able to see the ornament)

4. Screw the lid onto the jar and shake it so the snow falls to the bottom

Voila! You’re very own mason jar snow globe in 4 easy steps!


 photo mason2_zpsb3edbb67.jpg

 photo mason3_zps2244dc69.jpg

 photo mason4_zpscf287325.jpg


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