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I have always loved makeup and all things beauty but in the last few years I have found myself much more dedicated to skin care. I was thinking about investing in a Clarisonic when I was introduced to the Luna by Foreo. It has the same function as a Clarisonic but the thing that really attracted me to it (aside from the fun colors!) was how it easy it to clean and that its much more anti-bacterial than the Clarisonic.

You can use any cleanser without beads with the Luna and it has different sized silicone points for varying levels of deep cleaning. It also has a built in timer to make sure you don’t exceed 3 minutes of cleansing to avoid drying out your skin. It’s also perfect to travel with and only needs to be charged twice a year!

I love how clean my skin feels after I use it and I can tell my moisturizer penetrates much deeper in to my skin afterwards. For the first week I just used my normal cleanser but I did find my skin got some dry patches from the deep cleaning. Now I alternate between an acne fighting cleanser and a gentle cleanser to keep my skin balanced. All in all I would definitely recommend the Luna.

Sephora was having their 20% off for VIB’s this past weekend and so I decided to try out some other new products. I picked up an Origins set and I finally gave in and got the Glamglow mud mask.

I have always liked Origins products and the two new products in the set I purchased were the Drink Up Overnight Mask and the GinZing Eye Cream.

The overnight mask is perfect for dry skin as we head into Winter. You apply it all over your face before you go to sleep and it sinks in overnight to deeply moisturize the skin.

I’ve used the GinZing moisturizer for awhile and the eye cream is just as good. It smells great and I do find it brightens up the skin under my eyes and helps to de-puff.

The Glamglow Tinglexfoliate mud mask made my skin tingle right when I put it on. It only takes ten minutes and I have to say my skin looked and felt great after I washed it off. I look forward to seeing how my skin is after multiple uses.

What are your new favorite beauty products? I’d love to hear about them!



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