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Winter Manicure.

 photo julep1_zpsfe10096d.jpg

Details: Polish-Bette by Julep; Lip Crayon-Luxembourg by Nars; Earrings-Baublebar X Anthropologie

 photo julep3_zps71cad250.jpg

When the seasons change from warm to cold (and then freezing if you live in Canada!) most manicures tend to lean towards those dark rich colors. Now don’t get me wrong I love a good navy or black Mani but sometimes its nice to inject a pop of color on your fingertips. I decided to take things a step further and add some festive glitter to my Winter manicure.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-The base color of your choice (I went with this beautiful purple from Julep)

-Crafting Glitter


-A good topcoat

-A makeup brush

 photo julep4_zps736e82e1.jpg

Step 1:

-Paint your colors with at least two coats of your polish

-Let them dry completely (this is very important or you’ll just have to start over!

 photo julep2_zpse3dfc53a.jpg

Step 2:

-Cut the reinforcements in half and place one half at the base of each nail to form a half moon

-Paint only the bottom part of your nail (under the reinforcement) with a swipe of top coat

Step 3:

-Sprinkle the glitter onto your nail

-Brush off any glitter that didn’t stick with the make up brush

Step 4:

-Remove the reinforcement carefully

-Cover your entire nail in another layer of topcoat

Step 5:

Enjoy your new festive Winter Manicure!

Bonus: I’ve included some great Winter Nail Care tips from Julep below!

 photo julep6_zpsdb534113.jpg


 photo WinterizeYourNails2_zps37c92092.jpg


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