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New Beauty Finds.

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A brand new year means brand new beauty products to try out! Here’s four of my new favorites right now:

1. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask: Charcoal is known to help clear out your pores and my skin always feels soft and smooth after I take this mask off. I also love that you can buy them in individual packets which makes them great for travelling!

2. Julep Color Treat Polish in Myriam: Being a nail polish addict I am constantly searching for the perfect shade of red. Something bright without leaning towards any pink undertones. I feel like I have finally found the perfect red in this shade by Julep.

3. Living Proof Prime Style Extender: Most of us don’t wash our hair everyday anymore. This definitely helps to keep your hair healthier but re-styling unwashed hair can be a nightmare. That’s where this product comes in. You run it through damp hair and then style as normal. It helps keep your style longer and makes it much easier to restyle your hair even after a few days of no washing.

4. Dior Crème De Rose Lip Balm: This lip balm was actually a Secret Santa gift I received and I am hooked! It’s the perfect light pink, goes on so smooth and the smell is great. Bonus: it has SPF 10 to protect those lips!

*Coffee Print by PaperFelt Paper Goods via PlumMint Design



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