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Fall Beauty Updates.

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The seasons changing mean big changes for most of us. The first of course is how we dress. The second for me is switching up my beauty products. Besides the obvious (less bronzer, more moisturizer!) I always think it’s fun to try out new lipsticks and scents when the seasons change. When I think of Fall/Winter I immediately think of deep, rich berry hues for the lips. There’s something so chic about a berry lip and I’ve found two new shades that are surprisingly easy to wear.

First is Bite lipstick and lipgloss in Kir Royale. It’s this beautiful plum shade that you can layer with both the lipstick and the lipgloss or just wear the gloss for a sheerer color wash.

Second is the Albeit  lip balm in Amaranth.  Set aside the fact that the packaging is beyond gorgeous, this is a great every day touch of color. My lips also feel hydrated when I put it on which is no easy feet in this dry climate!

Wearing a new fragrance is also a great way to celebrate the changing seasons. I am extremely picky about which scents I wear and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this new one by Fictions. I went with the London scent and it’s been on heavy rotation since I picked it up. It doesn’t hurt that it looks so pretty sitting on my nightstand either!

Any Fall beauty finds you’re enjoying? I’d love to hear about them!



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