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Beauty Scents.

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There are certain products I buy over and over and it usually ties back to the scent. If a product works well but doesn’t have a pleasant scent I will always try to find an alternative. These three not only smell amazing but they work!

I am a big believer in washing my face as soon as I get home from work. These Korres cleansing wipes have been my go t0 for a few years now. It’s a quick and easy way to get all the grunge and make up off my face after a long day. The pomegranate scent is also a nice pick me up!

I have been actively trying out more natural products lately and I picked up this Vanilla Coconut shampoo from Rocky Mountain Soap Co a few weeks ago. Shampoo can be notorious for really bad ingredients and this one is 100% natural! Anything coconut is already a win in my books but this shampoo is gentle enough to leave my fine hair cleansed and smelling great.

My newest favorite is this Rose Spray. It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you tried it. It can be used to set your makeup, refresh your skin or even just as a moisture boost for dry skin.

Any great smelling products I should be trying out??



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